1. HTTPS://WWW.SSA.GOV/MYACCOUNT/  Here you can create a My Social Security account at ssa.gov, the official website of the Social Security Administration. You can receive estimates of your future benefits based on your current earnings, get your current benefit statement, and get your wage earnings history.  
  2. HTTPS://WWW.SSA.GOV/ONLINESERVICES/   You can apply online for work disability benefits such as SSDI and SSI, or Medicare.
  3. HTTPS://WWW.SSA.GOV/BENEFITS/CALCULATORS/  Use these calculators to estimate the effect on your benefit amount if you retire early, to estimate the effect your earnings may have on your retirement benefits, or to estimate what your retirement or disability benefits will be.  
  4. HTTPS://DRMM.ORG/ offers help with temporary housing.
  5. CAM (Coordinated Assessment Model) at 313-484-4449, 7am -8:30 pm, and HTTPS://WWW.HANDETROIT.ORG/  for help with temporary shelter.
  6. HTTPS://WWW.FREECLINICS.COM/ for a way to look up free or low-income-based clinics in Michigan.
  7. Robert R. Frank Free Clinic, 1234 Porter St., Detroit, Michigan 48226, Phone: 1-313-444-5490, offers free or low-cost medical care.
  8. WWW.FCOMI.ORG offers information on free or low-cost medical clinics.
  9. HTTPS://WWW.MICHIGAN.GOV/MDHHS/0,5885,7-339-71547_2943_52115---,00.HTMl for links to free or low-cost clinics.
  10. HTTPS://J.JAMESREFERRALS.COM/P... Disability resources.